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一旦入学人数确认,BIS将会为学生们建立一个内部"House积分系统 ",学生自行选择进入不同的"House",以帮助促进学校内部活动和竞争。这也将为高年级学生锻炼领导能力提供机会。 BIS还与英国的学校建立了联系,以造福于我们所有学生。

Teachers' Letters

Letters from teachers detailing special items of interest or information concerning specific classes are also distributed to parents when necessary throughout the school year.


There will be two fully detailed, formal reports with comments sent home at the end of the Autumn Term (in December) and towards the end of the Summer Term (in June.) There will also be an early but brief 'settling in' report in early October and parents may be sent other reports if there are areas of concern. The two formal reports will be followed by Parent/Teacher Conferences (PTC) to discuss the reports and set any goals and targets for a student's future. The progress of individual students may be discussed at anytime throughout the year by parental or by teaching staff request.

Open Houses

Open Houses are held periodically to introduce parents to our facilities, equipment, curriculum and staff. These events are designed to help parents know the school better. While the teachers are present in the classrooms to greet their parents, individual conferences are not held during Open Houses.

Open Days

Open Days will be held periodically to introduce potential parents to aspects of the curriculum, school facilities, classroom work and to meet with members of the school staff.

PTA Meetings

The PTA president convenes regular PT meetings. At these meetings parents are informed of the school's activities and future plans. At meetings parents are given the opportunity to address the group with their concerns and comments.

Meetings on Request

Parents are welcome to meet with members of staff at any time but they should out of courtesy always contact the school to make an appointment. The Principal and Chief Operations Officer may also be contacted by parents and appointments made accordingly. Please remember that all staff in the school have daily work to do in terms of teaching and preparation and therefore are not always immediately available for meetings. In any areas of concern which have not been reconciled parents have every right to contact the school's Board of Directors, they should do this through the school's Admissions Office.

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