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BIS Newsletters

BIS newsletters keep students and their parents informed of important events and with persnalized school newsletters.


June 5, 2020Welcome to BIS Open Day 11 June

We are excited to host our Open Day!


June 1st, 2020BIS Announcement | 学校公告

The year has been a very challenging year for the whole school.


June 1st, 202019/20 BIS Newsletter | 新闻简报27

Following on from our previous successful


May 24, 2020Welcome Back | 欢迎返校

WThe bells are ringing, there are students playing football on the pitch, and there is there


May 24, 2020BIS, A Cambridge Accredited School

We are delighted to announce that BIS have


May 16th, 2020BIS BIS Given Green Light to Open | BIS准予开学

On Wednesday this week BIS welcomed teams of inspectors from


May 10th, 2020BIS Weekly Online Teaching and Learning Summary | 本周在线教学总结13

In Nursery this week we have been learning about the letter i and animal.


May 1st, 2020BIS Weekly Online Teaching and Learning Summary | 本周在线教学总结12

In Nursery this week we learned about the letter h. We learned about fewer and more, with activity games-comparing


April 22, 2020Advice to Parents on School Reopening Preparations | 给家长复课准备的建议

Before returning to school, all teachers and students are required to report their health status every day


April 17, 202019/20 BIS Newsletter | 新闻简报26

A big shout-out to the readers this week! Your reading habit will increase your vocabulary, improve your memory,


April 17, 2020School Updates April April 17

At the end of last week, the Guangdong Education Department held an official meeting to


April 10, 202019/20 BIS Newsletter

Technology has come and gone, but I'm thankful that books survive each new gadget. They can bring joy, drama, knowledge and curiosity. Although we have had to delay our plans for celebrating Book Week in school, we still wish to celebrate all that reading can give to children.


April 3, 202019/20 BIS Newsletter | 新闻简报24

On Wednesday this week representatives


March 22, 2020School Update: Live Lessons

We hope this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy.The last weeks have been a


March 22, 2020BIS Admissions Getting in Touch

Welcome to join BIS community! The admissions enrollment of the new school year.


March 28, 2020Welcome to BIS Online Open Day

BIS is a non-profit, co-educational international school in Guangzhou China which offers The British National Curriculum from Nursery to Year 10 in the coming 2020-2021 School Year.


FEBRUARY 28, 202019/20 BIS Newsletter

As many members of our community prepare to return to China, as well as those of us who have been here in self-quarantine.


FEBRUARY 21, 202019/20 BIS Newsletter

As an intro to this week's summery of online learning, I would like to send a heartfelt and deeply appreciative thank you to teaching team.


FEBRUARY 7, 2020BIS Delay Opening until 2 March

We hope you are all well and healthy, and finding ways to cope during this uncertain situation.


JANUARY 10, 202019/20 BIS Newsletter

Our colleagues in the Chinese dept and the students have been excitedly rehearsing for our celebration performance on Friday 17th.


DECEMBER 16, 201919/20 BIS Newsletter

Last week's big event was the long awaited BIS Winter Concert. I really can't think of a better way to close off the semester than seeing all of ...


DECEMBER 6, 201919/20 BIS Newsletter

The holidays are fast approaching, and at BIS we are busy planning our end of year celebrations.

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