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Britannia International School (BIS) is committed to providing an environment conducive to the academic growth of students and to the fostering of future citizens with strong character, pride, and respect for their self, school, community and nation. BIS is a foreign owned secular non-profit co-educational international school for expatriate children in Guangzhou, China.


Admissions are open during the school year at BIS. The school admits students of any race, colour, national and ethnic origin to all programmes and activities available to students enrolled at BIS. The school shall not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, sporting or any other school programmes.


BIS is registered with the People's Republic of China as a School for Foreign Children.In compliance with Chinese government regulations, BIS can accept applications from foreign passport holders or residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and students from PRC with foreign permanent residence status. Applications can also be received by any Chinese passport holder who has one or both parents holding a foreign passport, or those who qualify to apply under the regulations of Department of Education Guangdong.


BIS wishes to assess all students with regard to admission. The following system will be operated:

      (a) Children aged 3 – 7 inclusive i.e. Early Years up to and including Year 2 will be required to attend a half-day or full day session with the class into which they will be enrolled. A teacher assessment of their integration and level of ability will be given to the admissions office

      (b) Children aged 7 and over (i.e. for entry to Year 3 and above) will be expected to attempt written tests in English and Mathematics at their respective level. The results of the tests are for exclusive school use and not made available to parents.

BIS is an open-access establishment so please note that these assessments and tests are not in anyway intended to exclude students but to determine their ability levels and to ensure that should they need support in English and Mathematics or any pastoral help on entry that the school's Learning Services teachers are able to ensure such support is in place for them. It is school policy to admit students to their appropriate age level. Please see the enclosed form, Age at Enrollment. Any changes for individual students in this respect can only be agreed with the Principal and subsequently signed for by the parents or the chief operations officer and subsequently signed for by the parents


BIS is a day school with no boarding facilities. Students must reside with one or both parents or legal guardian while attending the school.


Students applying to BIS will be evaluated for their English speaking, reading, and writing ability. As the school maintains an environment where English is the primary language of academic instruction, preference is given to those students who are functional or have the greatest potential to be functional at their grade level in English. English language support is available to students who require additional English support to gain admission. A fee is charged for this service.


Parents should advise the school of any learning difficulties or additional needs of students prior to submitting an application before applying for admission or arriving in Guangzhou. Students admitted to BIS must be able to function within the regular classroom setting and be able to work towards the successful completion of BIS academic requirements. It is important to note that we do not have a specialist unit to deal with more serious learning difficulties such as Autism, Emotional/behavioral disorders, Mental retardation/cognitive/development delays, Communicative disorders/aphasia. If your child has such needs, we can discuss on an individual base.


► Take an active role in the life of the school.

► Be willing to work with the child at (i.e. encourage reading, check homework is completed).

► Pay tuition fees promptly in accordance with the tuition fee policy.


Admissions will be granted according to enrollment limits which ensure that standards of excellence will be maintained.
Nursery, Reception & Year 1: Approximately 18 students per section. Year 2 to above: Approximately 20 students per section

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